The on-going Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 is your destination for never-seen-before deals on the widest selection of products. Did you know that the first 48 hours of the sale event saw the biggest ever shopping activity, with the highest orders, transactions, and visits from customers ever? Needless to say, your festive shopping experience is incomplete without the convenience of fast and reliable deliveries.

Go behind the scenes at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Bangalore and meet the people who ensure your packages are delivered to you swiftly during the Great Indian Festival.

“During the Amazon Great Indian Festival, lakhs of associates pick, pack, and deliver customer orders safely while demonstrating operational excellence across our network. Their work makes a huge difference, and we are truly proud of each and every one of them,” says Abhinav Singh, VP of Operations at Amazon India.

Abhinav Singh at an Amazon FC

The internet has a lot of questions about how Amazon processes millions of customer deliveries swiftly every day. So we asked Singh to tackle some commonly-asked questions.

  • How do I get free delivery on Amazon?
    That’s simple! By signing up as a Prime member, you can get your orders delivered faster, reliably, and at no extra cost.
  • How can I change my delivery address on Amazon?
    If your order has already been shipped, you cannot change the delivery address. However, you can change your delivery address for future orders.
  • Why is the Amazon delivery executive calling me?
    You mean our delivery associates, right? My friends ask me this question all the time. Our delivery associate will reach out only if you've added your address incorrectly. We use other means of communications—including SMS and WhatsApp—to reach out to customers. On rare occasions, we make a phone call to know your exact location. This is only done to deliver your orders as swiftly and reliably as possible.
  • How can I partner with Amazon to deliver customer packages?
    You can become an Amazon delivery service partner or join us as an Amazon Flex partner.  
  • How does Amazon deliver in one day?
    One day? That’s so 2000s! We deliver the same day or faster in most cities now. All of this is done on the back of technology and a super fast delivery system aided by infrastructure—our fulfilment centres, sortation centres, railways, trucks, and so on. We now also have Amazon Air freight planes that launched in January this year. We will deploy every possible mode of transportation to get your order to you in the fastest way possible.
  • Do Amazon employees get their orders faster than the rest of us?
    I wish that was the case! But no, Amazon employees get their orders as fast as all other customers. There is no way for us to distinguish between Amazon employees or anyone else.