Christmas is my favourite time of the year. For me, a perfect celebration is a ‘holiday stew'—a spoonful of family and friends, dollops of lovely conversations, a pinch of festive decoration, and there’s also a secret ingredient: the joy of giving. When simmered with warmth, all of this comes together to ring in a joyful festive celebration that’s sure to warm your heart.

Amazon is Santa's workshop

When shopping for Christmas, is like Santa's online workshop. It has endless options to choose from and offers additional benefits like one-day and same-day delivery for Prime members (almost as fast as Santa’s sleigh!), and not to forget the convenience of shopping in your PJs. The ease and convenience of finding the perfect gifts without even stepping outside is truly priceless.

Prime takes the very best of what Amazon offers and gives members fast, free delivery, savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in one affordable membership.

Benefits that slay: Shop on Amazon

Your Prime membership is like an express lane for gifts. Prime's other benefits, like access to exclusive deals and early access to shopping events, also make the experience so enjoyable. Reviews are the elves guiding you to quality treasures. For maximum merriment, I also keep an eye on lightning deals, set up wish lists (akin to virtual letters to Santa), and let the algorithms sprinkle personalised recommendations. It's like turning your Christmas shopping into a festive game—discovering those discounts gets you closer to your prize. If your plan to celebrate Christmas at home with friends and family, don’t miss my top picks.

Amazon Wish Lists are an easy way to simplify things. Here’s everything you need to know about making one.

1. Coxeer X-Mas tree ornaments

I love these because they are not only festive and pretty-looking against the lights, but are also a lot less fragile compared to glass. Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or draping over doorways. Buy now.

2. Quace copper LED string light

This LED string light can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Adorned with 100 warm white LEDs, it casts a warm glow that instantly creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. I use these lights on my tree. Buy now.

3. Bake House silicone chocolate mould

Your Christmas treats and sweets can also showcase your festive spirit. Use this cute little mould for small chocolates or Christmas-themed ice for your drinks! Buy now.

4. Pudodo Christmas table runner

This festive Pudodo table runner features a charming design with cardinals, poinsettias, holly, and a buffalo plaid check pattern. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner, this table runner is a great buy. The quality is nice and it looks lovely and festive, besides being sturdy. Buy now.

5. Hershey’s dark hot chocolate

Amazon Christmas finds by Alicia Souza

This 100% cacao powder is unsweetened, allowing you to customize the sweetness to your liking. It can be used for all the chocolate treats you make for the season or just for hot chocolate to drink…don’t forget the marshmallows! Buy now.

6. Decorative sprinkles

Amazon Christmas finds by Alicia Souza

For every Christmas bake, sprinkles make it even better! Perfect for cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and more, these sprinkles will make your holiday baking extra festive. Buy now.

7. ‘The Night Before Christmas’ book

The Night Before Christmas is one of the most enduring holiday poems. It’s my favourite book to read to get me into the Christmas spirit. The illustrations are so beautiful, which is an added bonus. Buy now.

8. Michael Storrings Christmas puzzle

Playing games can be a fun activity when everyone comes over, especially for the kids. Here’s a fun activity to engage in with your main ingredient from the holiday stew—family and friends. Buy now.

9. Lego Home Alone Building set

Amazon Christmas finds by Alicia Souza

This 3,957-piece set features the iconic McCallisters house, complete with intricate details and hilarious booby traps. Definitely a splurge, but what a great set. And the fact that it’s based on the classic movie Home Alone? Immediately sold. Buy now.

10. Amazon Pay Christmas gift card by Alicia

This is a Christmas gift card I designed for Amazon and is great if you need to gift something and have no time to shop. Choose from a variety of denominations to suit your budget, and the recipient can use the card to purchase anything they desire on Buy now.

Christmas is all about giving and spending time with your loved ones. With thoughtful gifts and activities, you can make this festival enjoyable for all. Seeing my loved ones content is what truly brings me joy and I’m hoping my gifts for them bring a smile to their faces. Sit back in your freshly decked place for Christmas and let Santa’s online workshop i.e. do its magic!

This post has been written in collaboration with Alicia Souza and About Amazon.