Amazon Coupon Carnival is back from March 8 to 13, offering exciting offers on a wide range of products to help you make the most of your shopping on This limited-time event allows shoppers on to unlock additional discounts on select items from participating sellers, making it a great opportunity to save on everyday essentials and desired purchases.

What exactly is the Amazon Coupon Carnival, and how can you make the most of it? We break it down for you here.

These useful features will help save you time and money while shopping on India’s most preferred online platform.

What are Amazon Coupons?

Amazon Coupons are a great new way to enjoy additional savings with a wide selection of coupons. Customers can get great discounts in health & personal care, baby care, skin care, hair care, grocery, pet supplies and more. You can simply find these coupons on the Amazon Coupons page and avail collected coupon on eligible products during checkout.

What is the Amazon Coupon Carnival?

The Amazon Coupon Carnival is a recurring quarterly event that occurs during the last month of every quarter. The carnival provides the customers with an opportunity to avail exciting coupons offered by sellers and get discounts on products. These coupons offer additional discounts on a variety of products, allowing shoppers to optimize their budgets on their favourite items.

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What’s so great about the Amazon Coupon Carnival?

  • Extra savings: With the Amazon Coupon Carnival, you can unlock additional discounts on top of already competitive prices.
  • Wide selection: The Amazon Coupon Carnival offers coupons across a diverse range of categories from electronics, to home essentials, fashion and more.
  • Opportunity for sellers: The Coupon Carnival provides an opportunity for sellers to showcase their products and attract new customers. We’ve noticed that 30% of new sellers join during the Coupon Carnival.
  • Extended redemption period: Customers need not worry about missing out on a great offer. The validity of the coupon configuration ensures that they can be redeemed within 30 days. This means that you can collect coupons during the Coupon Carnival and redeem them at your convenience.

What’s on offer this time around

  • Up to 20% off, with an additional 5% off with valid coupons on products of Zydus Wellness, namely Complan, Sugar Free, and Glucon-D.
  • Additional 5% off on Origami products, including toilet tissues, face tissues, kitchen towels, napkins, and sanitary disposal bags.
  • Up to 60% off and an additional 5% off with coupons on Aqualens products, such as clear contact lenses, colour contact lenses, and contact lens solutions.
  • Up to ₹300 off on coupons for various products of Wellbeing Nutrition, such as Pure Himalayan Shilajit Gold, Pure Korean Marine Collagen Supplements for Women and Men, and Melts Restful Sleep Strips.
  • Up to 50% off and an additional ₹100 off with a valid coupon on Campus shoes.
  • Up to 70% off and an additional 20% off with coupons on the wide range of footwear from Solethreads.

How to avail coupons on

Here’s a step-by-step guide to unlock additional discounts during Amazon Coupon Carnival.

  1. To access the Amazon Coupon Carnival, head over to the dedicated page on during the event period. You can find it easily by searching for “Amazon Coupon Carnival” on the website or the Amazon shopping app.
  2. Once you're on the Coupon Carnival page, browse through the available coupons across various categories. There are discounts on a wide range of products. So, take your time to explore and find the ones that best suit your needs.
  3. When you find a coupon that catches your eye, simply click on the “Clip Coupon” button to add it to your account. You can clip multiple coupons to maximise your potential savings.
  4. After clipping your desired coupons, proceed to shop for the eligible products. At checkout, the discount mentioned in the clipped coupons will be applied automatically, allowing you to enjoy instant savings on your purchase.

While the Coupon Carnival may offer extended redemption periods, remember to keep track of the expiry dates of your clipped coupons. Just head to the Amazon Coupons page and click on the “View Coupons” button at the top of the page. This will take you to the “Your Coupons” page where all the valid coupons collected by you will show. Ensure that you use them before they expire to make the most of your savings.

Disclaimer: The product details, description,  pricing and offers are as provided by the sellers. Amazon is not involved in pricing or describing the products and is not responsible for accuracy of product information provided by the sellers. The deals and discounts are provided by sellers and/or brands to the exclusion of Amazon. Product descriptions, features and deals are provided by sellers and reproduced as-is.

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