I prefer to take a break from crowded cities and retreat to remote locations so that I can celebrate during festive season in tranquility with the locals. A crucial part of planning any vacation is packing. If you pack just the right things for your trip, you can travel light and be stress-free. From clothes and gadgets to daily essentials, I like to have everything in place before hitting the road. When there are time constraints, I rely on Amazon.in to get my products delivered in a jiffy.

For fellow travel enthusiasts, I am listing out few travel essentials that in my opinion are vital for having a relaxing and safe vacation. Here are my recommendations for products you can pick up this Great Indian Festival (don’t miss the amazing offers)

1. Fanny bag

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Your identification documents, ATM cards, and wallet must always be handy. It is good to have an easily accessible bag where immediate essentials are kept safe. I like to carry my passport, boarding pass, money and so on, in a fanny pack.

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2. Weighing scale

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Weighing your luggage beforehand is always a good practice. I prefer a portable, fishing hook-style weighing scale that can be easily carried on a vacation with me. It helps in ensuing that I haven’t gone overboard with packing. I find the GLUN Bolt weighing scale quite sturdy.  

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3. Universal power adapter

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Power outlets and electric plug types can vary across countries. These can also be expensive off the shelf in a foreign land. Rather than taking the risk of carrying the incorrect plug type, I suggest investing in a universal power adapter with USB slots. It allows you to plug in multiple devices when gadgets need to be charged in a hurry. I particularly like the RTS 2023 adapter.

Shop Now: RTS 2023 High Quality Dual USB Travel Adapter (Black)

4. Power bank

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Capturing the beauty of any location is my way of creating memories and hence I like to keep my gadgets charged at all times. But accessing a power outlet can be a challenge when on the go.  So, it’s best to count on a power bank. I like to use power banks of 27,000 mAH with type C ports—they last longer. Type C ports have the benefit of being used for both power and data transfer.

Shop Now: Ambrane Stylo Pro 27000mAh Powerbank (Green)

5. Leak-proof travel bottles

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You shouldn’t ignore skin care even while you’re vacationing. I always carry my hygiene/skin care essentials like sunscreen, face wash and shampoo. Rather than carrying the bulky bottles, I find it much easier to transfer my toiletries in mini leak proof-bottles. It saves me a lot of space while travelling. Try this.

Shop Now: Crownish Pack of 3 Silicone Travel Bottle Set (90 ml, Medium Size, Multi Color)

6. Filter-based water bottle

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Fresh water is a luxury on some vacations. If you decide to explore remote locations, don’t forget to carry a filter bottle for water. I prefer a bottle that has a two-stage filtration process for clean drinking water on the go, no matter where I am.

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Now that you have all the essentials sorted, what are you waiting for. Also, did you know you can book your flights and train bookings on amazon app?

7. Electronics Organizer

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One of my pet peeves is tangled wires and misplaced chargers. It gets tedious to sit and detangle your chargers every time you have to plug in a gadget. To avoid this, I carry an organizer that lets me place all my electronics, wires, and power adapters in proper compartments. The waterproof bag keeps everything safe and detangled.

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Have a memorable vacation. Happy Diwali.