Don’t stress if stores are refusing to accept 2,000 notes for payments. You can hand them over to an Amazon delivery agent during your next cash-on-delivery order. Remember, the RBI is withdrawing 2,000 notes by September 30, 2023 as part of its Clean Note Policy. The cash load at doorstep service by Amazon Pay is helping consumers convert the high value note for digital transactions.

How to deposit 2000 rupee notes in your Amazon Pay wallet?

Top up your Amazon Pay balance

With Amazon Pay’s ‘cash load at doorstep’ service, KYCed customers can hand over additional cash or leftover change to the delivery agent to load the same to their Amazon Pay balance during a cash-on-delivery order. Customers can deposit cash of up to 50,000 per month, including 2,000 notes. “The facility to top up your Amazon Pay balance with cash handed to delivery agents at your doorstep is one of our unique services in India available to full KYCed customers. Staying true to our mission, we will continue to provide holistic experiences to our customers by facilitating such simplified solutions and further catalyse the digital payments revolution in India,” says Vikas Bansal, Whole-time Director, Amazon Pay India.

Video KYC on the Amazon app

To avail this facility, customers have to complete video KYC on the Amazon app which takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Once done, during their next cash-on-delivery order, they can simply hand over the currency notes to the delivery agent. The updated balance will start reflecting in the customer’s Amazon Pay balance shortly after. Subsequently, customers can create a UPI handle on their balance account in under one minute and begin paying anyone, anywhere. Customers can scan & pay with any QR code in shops, send money to any phone number/person, or pay on all their favourite apps with the 24x7 convenience and security of Amazon Pay.

Divya, a young customer from Madurai, Tamil Nadu says, “Earlier, I used to place cash on delivery orders and it required me to keep cash and change ready before delivery. One day, the delivery associate told me how the extra amount could be loaded into my Amazon Pay balance account, and it shows in my account immediately. After that I have been giving extra money for cash-load and use the amount to purchase from Amazon.” 

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