Here’s how your trusty sidekick Alexa (on your Echo Smart Speaker) comes to the rescue to make this a memorable staycation for the kids!

Parents are always on the lookout for toys, games and books that keep their children engaged after school hours. But there are a gazillion products out there and you might not have the time or energy to find the right fit for your child. Enter Little Explorers, Amazon’s unique gift book that allows you to discover 200 of the most popular books, toys and games at your fingertips.

It’s a treasure chest filled with a selection of great toys, enchanting reads, fun activities and DIY kits. Explore more than 150 top-rated toys from brands such as NERF, Hasbro Gaming, Barbie, Hot Wheels, LEGO, Storio, Smartivity, and many more. Little Explorers is available as both digital and physical catalogues. Little Explorers contains a QR code-readable catalogue of tailored informational content, learning activities and product recommendations.

Little explorers

What teachers and parents are saying about Little Explorers

Amazon has already taken Little Explorers to kids in 150 schools.

Our kids were very happy with the way Amazon ensured that kids creatively engage with their activities. We are delighted to be partners for this program.
Bimla Nehru
Principal of Nehru Public School

“The activities in the book keep our kids engaged. They can always just scan the code and explore new games and products on Amazon. Plus, it helps us save a lot on our purchases” said Atul Mehta, a parent of two.

How Little Explorers works

Each page of the 40-page catalogue will have a QR code that can be scanned using the Amazon app to discover and shop for the listed products. You can even download the digital copy and share with others parents and kids. All products listed within the catalogue will have great deals, discounts, and coupons.

Here are 20 of the 200 most popular t products for your ‘Little Explorers’

1) Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game
This modern banking version of the Monopoly game lets players buy properties, set rent and tap their way to fortune.
Shop Now: ₹2,483

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game

2) Mattel Scrabble Board Game
It enables your child to learn new words in an interesting way. Kids can compete with each other to make the best possible word with the letter tiles drawn at random.
Shop Now: ₹899

3) LEGO Technic Racing Plane (154 Pieces)
Does your child love planes? Give the aspiring pilot or aeronautical engineer this racing plan which also rebuilds into a jet air plane with spinning propellers.
Shop Now: ₹879

4) Storio Kids Toys LCD Writing Tablet
This 8.5-inch LCD writing tablet that comes with a quick erase button empowers kids to give shape to their thoughts in the form of words and shapes. The durable and washable drawing pad avoids wastage of paper. Shop Now: ₹218

Storio Kids Toys LCD Writing Tablet

5) Marvel Avengers: Electronic Fist Roleplay Toy
When Thanos wants to take over total control the galaxy, he sets out on a mission to hunt down the Infinity Stones. Immersing into this roleplay toy, your kids can pretend to summon the power of the Infinity Stones.
Shop Now: ₹1,880

6) Transformers: Optimus Prime & Chainclaw Toys
This toy robot, inspired from The Transformers movie series comes in multiple action figures. It will surely keep your little transformer engaged. This one takes the playing experience to another level as Optimus Prime can be converted into a truck and the Chainclaw into a 3 inch beast.
Shop Now ₹2,499

7) NERF toy blaster
Take down targets at close range with this powerful blaster that fires 6 darts in a row. Let your little commander customise the blaster with tactical rails, a barrel attachment point, and a stock attachment point. Shop Now: ₹1,099
8) Barbie Doll with Butterfly logo print red dress
This stunning Barbie doll in a red dress makes a style statement for sure. It’s the perfect gift for the fashionista in your child.
Shop Now: ₹520

9) Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck
Load up your Hot Wheels and hit the road! The Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck can carry up to 50 cars and has expandable levels for even more storage. Connect it to Hot Wheels track for side-by-side racing fun.
Shop Now: ₹1,449

10) Robotic Mechanical Hand
This realistic robotic hand is perfect for kids who love STEM. With its movable fingers, it's a great way to learn about the human hand and how it works.
Shop Now: ₹986

11) Grandma's Bag of Stories
Open Grandma's Bag of Stories and step into a world of magic and adventure. This collection of 20 illustrated short stories by Sudha Murty will introduce fascinating characters to your kid, and teach valuable life lessons in the process.
Shop Now: ₹165

12) The Kid Who Came From Space
This book, written by Ross Welford, is a great choice for kids aged 10 and above. It has science fiction, adventure, and humor, and is available in both paperback and audiobook formats. Shop Now: ₹252

13) Dream Palace Doll House
This is the perfect gift for your little prince and princess. With over 40 beautifully designed pieces, the Dream Palace Doll House will provide hours of imaginative play. Your child can furnish the rooms however they like, and even create their own family of dolls.
Shop Now: ₹999

14) Click and Catch Ball Launcher
Improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination and reflexes with this game. Launch the balls into the air and try to catch them in the basket.
Shop Now: ₹170

15) Bow and Arrow Archery Set
The Storio Bow and Arrow Set is the perfect way for kids to learn archery skills. It's safe, fun, and easy to use, with a durable bow and suction-tipped arrows.
Shop Now: ₹199

16) Human Body STEM Toy
Learn about the human body in a fun and engaging way with this STEM DIY kit. Build your own 3D model of the human body, learn about the different organs and their functions, and explore how the body works.
Shop Now: ₹789

17) American Tourister Casual Backpack
This American Tourister Bag comes with mesh padding on the back and shoulder strap, making it a perfect choice for your kid while going to school.
Shop Now: ₹1,099

18) Teddy Bear 33
This sweet pink teddy bear will be the perfect companion for your child. Made from soft, non-toxic fabric, it's cuddly and safe to play with.
Shop Now: ₹350

Pink Teddy Bear 33

19)  Plush Elephant toy
This adorable little elephant could be the best pal for your kid as it plays 45+ songs, sounds, and phrases that will teach your kid about the world around them.
Shop Now: ₹1,704

20) Baby Panda Magic Car
Let your child enjoy and have fun riding this baby car. Can be used a stroller, a walking car and a riding car with detachable guardrail.
Shop Now: ₹1,099

Baby Panda Magic Car

We’re confident you’ve got some fun ideas for the perfect after school gift for your child. Whether they're into STEM toys, superhero assets or good old board games, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!