Coquette, as French as it sounds, describes a girly aesthetic that is everything delicate, frilly, lacy, and tied up with a pretty pink bow. We’re talking everything from hair bows on stylish updos to cutesy bags. The trend celebrates femininity and the art of romanticising your fashion game. If you were to find a coquette-themed Pinterest board, it would be filled with lace, pearl accessories, and bows. Here are 9 Amazon products that align perfectly with the trend.

Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Hair bow ties

Bows have enamoured girls since time immemorial, which is why the coquette aesthetic’s most loved item is the bow. This ribbon bow has to be the easiest way to incorporate a bow into your everyday outfits. This is a pack of two bows, black and white each and can be paired with just about any look.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Bow shaped claw clips

If bow ties are not your thing, and you’re more of a claw clip person, you can also hop on the trend with these acrylic claw clips that are shaped like a bow. These are lightweight so they won’t tug on your hair and come in a set of 3.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Bridal bow veil with pearls

If marriage is on the cards and you want to embrace this trend when you say yes to the dress, then this bow-shaped veil can be a perfect addition to your bridal outfit.. You can clip it to your hair if it is down or onto a stylish updo and the pearls stitched onto it just will add elegance to your outfit.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Bow ballerina shoes

These black ballerina shoes with a subtle bow on them are the perfect footwear to adopt the coquette aesthetic subtly. You can pair them with jeans and a tee or even with your work outfits. The classic black colour also makes them an ideal going-out footwear choice that you can wear from day to night.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Bow nail charms

When it comes to fashion trends, you can’t miss out on your nails. Painting your nails a pastel colour however, is just not enough—take it one step further with bow-themed charms and add-ons. If getting extensions seems like a daunting task, invest in these colourful 3D resin bow knots and nail the coquette trend.

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The coquette aesthetic also goes beyond bows. Here are some more must-haves that you won’t regret buying.

Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Lace knee-high socks

Lace never stopped being romantic. These knee-high socks with frills exude a girly vibe in the most elegant way. Pull out your fit-and-flare skater dress and pair it with these lacey socks and some dainty jewellery for a stunning fit.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Pearl hair accessories

When looking to add a feminine touch to your outfit, pearls are always a safe option. These black and white hair clips with pearls are everything coquette and can gracefully add elegance to just about any outfit. Whether you are wearing the classic T-shirt and denim or slaying a chic little black dress for the evening, pairing the ensemble with these hair clips will level up the look.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

White sweetheart neckline top

Sweetheart neckline tops which have a curved, heart-shaped design on the neck create a flattering and feminine look while accentuating your collarbones. Perfect for romanticising any outfit, they can be paired with flared denim, white stilettos, and pearl accessories for a simple everyday outfit.

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Amazon coquette aesthetic bow collection

Pearl dial watch

A chic pearl dial watch exudes timeless elegance when paired with just about anything, ranging from formal to traditional outfits. This pick from Titan Raga blends sophistication with functionality while infusing a dash of girliness with its unique strap design. You can pair this with a white boho dress or perhaps a formal beige blazer and trousers; either way, you are bound to turn heads.

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