Why should your pet consume something you wouldn’t eat yourself?” This was the question that drove Fahim Sultan the founder of Drools, to launch the brand in 2010. With a mission to provide pets with healthy food that caters to their nutritional needs and dental health, Drools has emerged as one of the India’s leading pet food brands with an export business spanning over 22 countries.

And this festive season, the pet food manufacturer is ensuring your pets can celebrate with you.

The team has worked closely with Amazon and is excited to launch a special Diwali Festival Gift Pack with 11 items, loaded with all sorts of treats and toys your pet would love!
Shashank Sinha
CEO of Drools

The 15 kg pack of Drools Premium Dog Food is available on Amazon.in at ₹5,499 during the ongoing Great Indian Festival. Pet parents can get the Drools Ultium Performance Adult Dry Dog Food at a 15% discount while the Drools Special Gift Pack, its latest offering, is available at a discount of 12% on Amazon.in.

De-stigmatising packaged food for pets

About 92% of pet parents still prefer homemade food for their pets because there are many misgivings about packaged food, says Sinha. That’s because of the perception that unused parts of animals and other leftovers are ground into packaged pet food, he adds. Drools took a different approach. “Rather than making dog food, we wanted to make food for dogs. We wanted Drools to be something that even you or I can eat – that’s why we always use real chicken as the first ingredient in dog food,” says Sinha, who has over a decade of leadership experience across multiple industries.

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Drools pet food offers a variety of options for young and adult pets. The pet food manufacturer only uses quality ingredients such as real chicken, chicken liver, fish oil and eggs in its products. For instance, Drools Dry Kitten Food with Ocean Fish provides optimum protein, energy, and essential nutrients for growing kittens. Drools Dry Cat Food with Tuna and Salmon flavours help support cats’ vital systems and keep them healthy and active.

Enlightening customers through celebrity collaborations

Drools has actors like Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kartik Aryan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Disha Patani as brand ambassadors. “Celebrity endorsements can be incredibly influential in India. People like to listen to the advice of celebrities they look up to, making it a great way to educate customers so that they can make informed decisions,” says Sinha.

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“(However) When we work with celebrities and people of influence, we make it a point to not only sell the brand but also enlighten our customers and empower them to make the right decisions. We encourage customers to read the label and ingredients at the back of the pack so that they know what goes into making the food they choose to serve,” says Sinha.

Expanding customer base with Amazon

Talking about the company’s relationship with Amazon, Sinha says that Amazon has helped Drools get closer to pet parents. “Amazon gives us a platform to broadcast our content and inform customers in a way no other platform can. This creates brand awareness among customers and help them make wise decisions. The reach that Amazon has given us is very difficult for any brand to build up physically,” he says.

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Early this year, Drools secured an investment of nearly $60 million from L Catterton, a global investment firm. The company plans to use the funding to improve its manufacturing infrastructure, increase marketing and attract top talent. The pet food brand will also leverage L Catterton’s category expertise and brand-building capabilities to further strengthen its position in the market. Drools now exports to 22 countries including UAE, Australia and Israel, and plans to cater to Russia and the U.S. in the near future. Drools is available on Amazon Australia, Amazon UAE and will be available shortly on Amazon Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The company is also exploring other geographies in tandem with the Amazon Global Team.

Encouraging responsible pet parenting

Drools works very closely with many NGOs across India to promote responsible pet ownership. During the pandemic, the Drools team went out onto the streets to feed thousands of strays that would have otherwise starved without the leftovers they would normally get from restaurants.

Raising a pet is a big responsibility, and it is important to be aware  of this  before  adopting one. The Drools team believe it is essential to teach children about being a responsible pet owner, and they have worked on several initiatives to raise awareness among them. “Pets always give us back much more than we give them. I encourage all pet parents to be responsible and loving as they get old. Old age is as hard for them as it is for you, and they need your support now more than ever,” says Sinha.