39-year-old Neha Gupta, a working mother based in London, is set to celebrate Diwali away from her New Delhi home for the second consecutive year. “Although I grew up with the idea that distance makes the heart grow fonder, I never thought I’d have to live it someday,” says Neha, echoing a sentiment that millions of expatriates would identify with.

For Indians settled abroad, the festive season is a time of heightened emotions and nostalgia. They often miss the vibrant colors, dazzling lights, and the hum of festivities that’s best celebrated with close friends and family. “The festivities are not as immersive here (in London) as they are back home. Everything reminds you of India, be it an ethnic kurta, a box of mithai, or a lantern adorning the entrance of a shop,” adds Neha. But love finds a way. People are using Amazon to make sure that distance and borders are not barriers to share their joy or express their gratitude. Here are 5 stories which show that gifting through Amazon has become a new language of love for expats.

1. Diwali away from home

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Neha Gupta (39) and Tarun Gupta (39), United Kingdom

Neha and Tarun, along with their 7-year-old daughter, moved to London more than a year ago. This will be their second Diwali away from home. Despite the vibrant Diwali celebrations in the UK, it’s not the same as being with friends and family in New Delhi.

“You miss out on the homemade sweets, unapologetic shopping and family gatherings,” says Tarun. The couple relies on Amazon.uk to buy decorative items, diyas and other Diwali necessities for their London home while Amazon.in is their gateway for sending gifts to friends and family in India.

“I can’t think of another option that is so global in terms of operations. I can easily switch between countries, currencies, and choose products based on their availability in that country. If I want a gift delivered to a particular location, I don’t have to fret even one bit as Amazon provides a seamless experience always,” says Neha.

A gift Neha plans to send through Amazon.in this year: Red Jacquard Lehenga and White Layered Choli

To: Her 1-year-old niece in New Delhi

2. A surprise for Christmas

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Sharon Lewis (26), United Arab Emirates

Sharon's a writer who grew up in Dubai but had moved to Mumbai for higher studies. However, she moved back to Dubai in 2021 to be closer to her family, losing touch with many of her friends in India. To display gratitude and affection to her long-distance mates in India, she plans to surprise them with gifts over Christmas.

“Given the variety of products on Amazon.in, I know I will find whatever I am looking for, be it a jumper, cool tees, or anime merch for my friends. I don’t even have to worry about the delivery process because I have experienced its efficiency first-hand,” says Sharon.

A gift Sharon plans to send through Amazon.in this year: Trunkin|One Punch Man Chibi Figures - Set of 5

To: Her 26-year-old best friend in Bangalore, Karnataka

3. Spreading love and light

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Aarti Sasan (41), Boston, US

Aarti, a home maker, moved to Boston in 2017. She doesn’t get the chance to travel to her hometown in Dehradun during the festive season.

“We try to celebrate most festivals like we used to back home in India—cleaning the house and decorating it with fairy lights and diyas. We wear ethnic clothes and cook up a delicious festive feast. We also host a grand Diwali Puja and invite our close friends over.” Aarti says.

This year, Aarti relied on Amazon to spread Diwali joy to her family in India. She prefers shopping on Amazon.in because of the convenience and selection of products. “It is very familiar on both sides. Amazon delivers everywhere. You get lots of options, at affordable prices,” she says.

To make last-minute shopping a breeze this festive season, Amazon India extended the option of same day delivery to Prime members in over 50 cities and towns. “I hope the gifts are received with lots of smiles,” Aarti adds.

A gift Aarti plans to send through Amazon.in this year: Women's Embroidered Kurta with Printed Sharara (Rs. 949)

To: Her 34-year-old sister in Vaishali, Uttar Pradesh

4. When birthdays coincide with the festive season

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Namrota Baruwa (30) and husband Rohan (30), Canada

A communications professional turned baker, Namrota moved to Canada with her husband in 2020. When they lived in India, it was a ritual to celebrate everything from birthdays to festivals with their families.

"Birthdays in my family always fall during the festive season,” she says. Despite being 11,000 kilometres away from home, the couple makes sure that gifts reach their friends and family in India through Amazon.in.

“Also, Amazon Pay Gift Cards are always a hit. We recieved a lot of them when we moved to Canada," Namrota says.

A gift Namrota plans to send through Amazon.in this year: Healthy Treat Royal Treat Box | Pack of 6 including Healthy Snacks, Dry-Fruits   

To: Her parents in New Delhi. They are in their 60s.

5. Bringing Indian crafts to the world

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Khaled Hussein (29), Egyptian Expat, New Delhi

Khaled is an Egyptian who moved to India for work in 2018. The ongoing festive season here makes him homesick with memories of friends and family, who are still in Cairo.

“It is hard—the shift in culture and food, especially being surrounded by new people. Celebrating Eid and Ramadan at home was a major part of my life back home,” says Khaled. But Khaled has grown fond of desi handcrafted shawls during the last three years of living in India. He buys them on Amazon.in and carries them as gifts for his mother and immediate family members during his annual Cairo visits. “When my relatives see the kind of gifts I buy for my family from India, they want some too. On popular demand, I now buy for our neighbours and extended family members too,” he says. Besides traditional Indian shawls, aesthetic tapestries too are a hit with his friends in Cairo. "I don’t know much about local markets in Delhi; Amazon helps me get great deal in selecting quality handicrafts while sitting at home” he explains.

A gift Khaled plans to buy on Amazon.in this year: Soft Viscose Woven Women's Scarf, Stoles

For: His 60-year-old aunt in Cairo, Egypt.

Don’t let distance be a barrier to share goodness this festive season. Surprise your friends and family with gifts through Amazon. The Great Indian Festival 2022 is now live on Amazon.in.