Nandeeta Manchandaa always felt connected to homemade skincare remedies—'dadi nani ke nuske’ passed down the generations. But it was a close friend’s health scare that contributed to her decision to start ENN Beauty, a skincare venture that blends time-tested ingredients with contemporary formulations.

Skincare products that can harm the skin

During her undergraduate studies in the U.S., one of Manchandaa’s friends was diagnosed with skin cancer. She was just 21 then. Manchandaa, who accompanied her friend for treatment, learned from the dermatologist that the skin care products her friend had used were a contributing factor to the disease.

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Manchandaa returned to India after completing her studies and started a salon. She soon noticed that there were hardly any natural alternatives to chemical bleaches and other cosmetic products in the market. This inspired her to launch a few products made from natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. These products were primarily limited to her customers in the salon. Years of interaction and feedback from customers along with extensive research helped Manchandaa launch ENN Beauty in 2018.

I always went by the skincare traditions espoused by my nani and dadi, or what is commonly known as ‘dadi-nani ka nuska’. However, what we do now is completely different from what they used to do. So, we took traditional skincare recipes and added some sort of modern twist to it.
Nandeeta Manchandaa
Founder, ENN Beauty

ENN Beauty’s popular Glow Moisturiser which is Ghee-based and washed 100 times in Saffron-infused water, is an example of a formulation that blends ancient and traditional wisdom with modern science. And customer love has followed.

Aditya Maurya, a customer who purchased ENN Rice There Hydrating Face Toner, was impressed by its use of Rice and Witch Hazel Extract. With consistent use, he observed that his pores appeared much smaller and less prominent, giving the skin a smoother and refined texture. Another customer Chiranjeev Dua who purchased the ENN Litt Up Brightening Sunscreen, gave it a 5-star rating on In his review, he praised the sunscreens’ non-greasy formula, which absorbs quickly without leaving a residue. He also noted that long-lasting coverage makes it a great choice for outdoor activities.

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Makeover post takeover

ENN Beauty team

In 2022, Vellvette Lifestyle, the parent company of Sugar Cosmetics acquired a majority stake in ENN Beauty. Post this, the growth of the brand has been exhilarating but hectic, she says. “Managing operations from Mumbai and Delhi has been challenging, but the mentorship of Vineeta and Kaushik (Co-founders of Vellvette Lifestyle) from SUGAR Cosmetics has been invaluable,” Manchandaa says. Following the acquisition, the cosmetic brand ventured into the retail space, marking a significant milestone that emphasises the brand's evolution.

ENN Beauty recently went through a revamp, unveiling a new identity via Amazon Launchpad. The Amazon Launchpad team's support has translated into a remarkable two-fold increase in business over the last two months, according to Manchandaa. Today, the company has 60+ products in its kitty.

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Great Indian Festival 2023: Exclusive deals like never before

Manchandaa is confident that the ongoing Great Indian Festival will be a big boost to her company’s business. Several exclusive deals and unrivalled discounts are on offer to capture the attention of skincare enthusiasts. For instance, Semi Matte Liquid Lipstick, one of the most popular products from ENN Beauty, is available on at a discount of 61% as part of the Great Indian Festival. The Vitamin C Glow Face Wash, earlier priced at ₹249, is now selling on for just ₹149.

The perils of overspending for D2C brands

Drawing from her own experience, Manchandaa cautions brands against prioritising immediate profitability during the initial product launch. Instead, she advises brands to balance budget allocation and strategic spending for organic visibility.

“Overspending, without a clear strategy, can hinder the long-term success of any brand; careful budgeting can help generate organic visibility for the brand,” she says.

Entrepreneurship: A crash course in perseverance

Manchandaa emphasises the importance of perseverance and dedication even in the face of uncertainty. “Every hour may bring a new challenge. The hours can be relentless. For instance, I work from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day.”

So, what’s next for ENN Beauty? Manchandaa says the goal is to export globally, banking on the Amazon Global Selling program. The brand plans to start selling in the U.S. and UAE in the next six to eight months.